Monday, 4 January 2016

How to get free MTN 1GB and more

fb0 is back
No long story
To get d 5m send fb0 to 131
To accumulate send stopfb0 to 131,

then u resend fb0 to 131.
Within 30 minute I've accumulated
more than 500mb

To check balance *559*25#
Continue accumulating , u can
accumulate it with SMS SCHEDULER
just like musicplus own.
Settings is blazing on psiphon
Just change proxy sever to
Psiphon Settingsbr /> ==> Open your phone settings > Go
to more > Go to mobile network >
Go to access point names > Select
Mtn, Then create new APN and
configure as shown belowbr /> ==> Apn type: default
==> Apn:
==> Proxy: or
==> Port: 8080
Then Launch Psiphon Handler On
the handler menubr /> ==> Proxy type: real host
==> Proxy serverbr /> or
==> Real Proxy type: inject
==> Real Proxy server: (leave it
==> Select save and click on“tunnel
whole device”.
Click on the option tab
==> Region: Japan or any..
==> Select more option, And
check“Connect through an HTTP”
then select “Use the following
settings:” then configure as.
==> Host address
==> Port 8080
Save and connect
Simple Server Configurationbr /> Open your phone settings > more >
mobile network > access point
names >
Create New APN and configure as
shown belowbr /> ==> Apn type: default
==> Apn:
==> Proxy:
==> Port: 8080
Download latest Simple Android
Server from playst*re and set up as
shown belowbr /> ==> Click General Settings > Proxy
==> Proxy port: 8080
==> Injection query/url: or
==> Injection hostbr /> or
==> Connection Timeout: 10
==> Injection line: press enter 4
==> Log level: debug
==> Buffer size: 8092
Then go to Local Server Settings, tick
Use Global Proxy Save and Connect
Simple Server by drawing the switch

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