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I will be straight to the point in
guiding you through the
process of opening a Google
adsense account (An advert

accout that allows anyone to
make money online in Euros and get paid in Dollars/Euros
in Nigeria and other parts of
the world directly from multi-
billion dollar GOOGLE
Company-the owner of search engine)
revealed-how-to.html if on mobile gadgets and start
importation business or for
personal use instantly for
free!!! All you need to do is to follow
the steps below for legitimate
users only (If use for fraud,
Google will [not may] barn
you for life, so be warned) Step1: Open a new GMail (Google
Mail) account at STEP2: Visit (The most popular/visited public
video hosting company
website now in care of
internet billionaire giant
Google Inc. YouTube is a
video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal
employees in February 2005
and owned by Google since
late 2006.YouTube, LLC was
bought by Google for US$1.65
billion in November 2006 and now operates as a Google
subsidiary.) and log in with
your email or click youtube
link directly from the top
options in your newly
registered gmail account. Step 3: Hope you are logged in
successfully, then locate
UPLOAD option button at the
top, click it arrow and select
VIDEO MANAGER. You will be
required to upload video as a first-time user. Get 1-3 videos recorded
(Tested with 1 video only and
it works) e.g how to tie rapper,
lift weight, put on a lamp e.t.c.
for just around 3minutes
(avoid adult content like nude picture, sex or offensives like
drug use e.t.c.) for each video
and upload it one after the
other with good description. NOTE: YouTube is strict with copyright, please don't use
another person's video
without permission or else
youtube will ban you [not
may] for life. Step 4: Now you have your videos
online. its time for
monetization. Locate and click CHANNEL
SETTINGS from the list of
options at your left-hand-
side of the screen,
It select the option known as
FEATURES and it display different information about
your account,
On the page scroll down to
locate MONETIZATION, then
click the option next to it to
register for Google Adsense. Step 5: Follow the instructions
carefully and make sure you
fill in correct details (for my
readers outside Nigeria, some
countries are not permitted
for now to change their payee name ones registered.
So, be wise friends but
Nigerians can for now! Fill in the G.Ads account
opening form and submit.
Then recheck to see if your
account as been submitted
for review by redoing step 4
above and the option next to monetization should have
changed. Also get additional
confirmation by
visiting adsense . Login using the email used for registration
(don't register directly if not
submitted instead start over
from STEP 2 above- my
humble advice) and you
should see a notification message that You don't have
an active account yet but
your application has been
submitted and is under review.
Just logout and go about
doing your normal business but not neglecting prayers in
your hearth (Laughing!!!) STEP 6: While awaiting approver,
google will pop-up adverts
through your uploaded video
or videos on youtube
temporarily. To now/confirm
this, visit the VIDEO MANAGER and click MONETIZE
(represented with dollar sign
"$"), enable it, save and visit
your video link. It should
display adsense ads  Step 7: Check your mail for reply in 24
hours, 48 hour or 72 hours
and you could see the reply
from google. This post is not copy pasted nor read and
rewrite but
I did the practical myself  That is all it takes getting
approved within 72 hours with
no more need of waiting for
months (that is if the
instructions given are follow
to latter) and ones approved follow the instruction given to
register other website like
your personal website to
display G. ad sense ads
thoroughly. NOTE: If you tried this out and not getting it right or you
don't want to go through this
process as it seems rigors
and unfamiliar to you.Then,
you can hire me to help you
out and handover your account
to you 100% intact. Call
(international client:
+2348107089116   Also feel free to share your
experience using comment box
below and can share
altenatives to register
adsense for legitimate use

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