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How to Make an Extra $1,000/Month, Even if You Don’t Have Money to Get Started By JAMES CLEAR August 1, 2012

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$1,000/Month, Even if
You Don’t Have Money
to Get Started By JAMES CLEAR August 1, 2012 RSS Feed Print There are realistic and legitimate
ways for you to boost your income by $500 or even $1,000 per month, without spending a
ton of money and time to get
started. Before I share them, I should be
clear: It’s not easy to earn extra
money. It requires real work
and a willingness to try new
things. Many people who start
a side business feel uncomfortable or lost at the
beginning. That’s simply part of
the process. That being said, here are two
ways that you can earn an extra $1,000 each month without spending money to get started
and without working all day,
every day. TaskRabbit TaskRabbit is a service that
connects people who are willing
to pay for jobs with people
who have the skills to perform
them. The person posting the
job can list the maximum price they are willing to pay for the
particular task. For example,
someone might need their dry
cleaning delivered and would be
willing to pay up to $15 for that
task. Once the job is posted, different people bid on the job
and the lowest bidder wins the
job. Before you start, TaskRabbit
requires that each person go
through a background check,
video interview, and screening
process. Once that is done,
you’ll be available to bid on jobs and earn extra money. The payment varies by job and
location, but there are a wide
range of options for a variety of
skill sets. While browsing the
TaskRabbit website, I found a
man named Dan in San Francisco, who has performed
hundreds of delivery and
moving jobs, which typically pay $30 to $45 per task. Then I
came across a woman named
Elizabeth, who so far has
completed 117 research tasks.
According to TaskRabbit, her
last job paid between $34 and $48. I also found Mark, a
handyman in Boston, who has
completed more than 120 odd
jobs for people in his area.
According to TaskRabbit’s data,
handyman jobs typically pay $50 to $80 per task. The downside? TaskRabbit is
only available in nine cities
across the country. You have
to be in a heavily populated
area, like San Francisco or
Chicago, to reap the benefits of the service. Additionally, you’ll be competing
with other people for
TaskRabbit jobs and this drives
the prices down. Often, jobs will
go for less than $30 per task. If
you’re out of work or have plenty of free time, then that’s
no problem. However, if you’re
trying to supplement your
income and only have a few
extra hours to work each week,
then it might be hard to make a substantial amount of money
that way. If that’s the case,
then I recommend option two. The Remora Method A few months ago, I started
doing research on how people
earn more money. I found
services like TaskRabbit, but I
also found something very
surprising. There is a group of people consistently earning
extra money by doing the
complete opposite of what most
people do. Let me explain with a
quick story. There is a small fish called a
remora and it uses a special fin
to attach itself to the bottom of
a shark. While safely attached to
the shark, the remora is
provided with transportation through the water, protection
from predators, and scraps of
food. In exchange, the remora
cleans bacteria off of the shark. Just like the remora and the
shark, you can form a mutually
beneficial relationship with a
business and earn extra money . For example, I came across a
woman named Lisa who sold
Mary Kay makeup in her small
town. Instead of going door-to-
door, she partnered with a local
store that didn’t have makeup in stock. They shared the profits
and one year later Lisa was
making more than $50,000 from
this side business. You can do the same thing with
coaching, consulting, or any
service business. For example,
Drew, a website consultant from
Ohio, partnered with a social
media marketing agency in his area to work as a
subcontractor. The agency
brought the clients, he brought
the skills, and everyone shared
in the profits. This approach of creating
mutually beneficial partnerships
where you bring a skill and the
other side brings paying
customers is what I call The
Remora Method. This method seems to work for anyone who
wants to offer a product or
service, and it makes it much
easier to build a profitable
business from scratch. What makes The Remora Method
useful is that you don’t pay for
advertising or marketing and
you don’t need to buy a
storefront or start a website to
get in front of customers. You simply partner with someone
who already has the customers
you want to sell to and share
the profits with them whenever
they make a sale for you. Just
like the remora and the shark, you can form a mutually
beneficial relationship with a
business in your area or
industry. Whether it’s performing odd
jobs for TaskRabbit or building a
side income with The Remora
Method, the fact remains: it is
possible to earn extra money , even if you don’t have a lot of
time and money to spend to get
started. James Clear is the founder of , a website that shares the best ideas for
earning more money.  

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