Friday, 11 December 2015

How to insert adsense/ adverts codes into wordpress blogs

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If you really want to make
money from your blog, then
you have to start showing
adverts on it. So many

bloggers now make lots of
money by only displaying ads on their blog. The
process is quite simple and
does not require much
computer knowledge. I’m
going to show you how to
insert this advertisement codes Into your wordpress
or blogger blog. For users, I’m
going to show how to use
plugins to do this.
How to insert adsense/ adverts codes into
wordpress blogs

Step1: Go to your
dashboard, from the
dashboard, navigate to
‘appearance’. Click on the appearance menu and it will
drop down items such as,
theme, widgets, menus etc.
Step2: Click on widget, it will
take you to the widget area
of your blog were all your blog widgets exist.
Step3 : Take a look at the left
hand side of the widget
area, you will see items like
customs menu, meta, links,
achives, text etc. Now, click on the text widget and drag
it to the right side bar were
you will want to place your
advertisement code. When it
is placed there, it will open a
box for you to insert the code.

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